Artist Date Auction 2015

Saturday, Nov. 21st from 5-7 pm (Artist-led Exhibition Tour at 5, Bidding begins at 6)

@ S1 (4148 NE Hancock St. Portland, OR 97212)


Win an art date with a Prequel artist or mentor by bidding on their proposed experience.  View all dates here! The dates are a way for you to experience the everyday perspective of an artist’s process, learn a concrete skill, and maybe even come away with something from your first date together. It could be the start of a lifelong art partnership! Prequel 2015 has been a huge success and we are raising funds to program a second year in 2016. We could really use your help!



  • Artist-Led Tour of Exhibition from 5 to 6
  • Bidding begins at 6
  • No entry fee
  • Drinks and Food
  • Starting bids at $40
  • Art materials included in price of bid
  • Unless otherwise noted, each date lasts approximately 3 hours
  • Flexible scheduling- you and your artist date will plan together
  • Don’t be shy! Our artists want to meet you!
  • Prequel 2015 catalogs for sale!

If you can’t make, you can either:

1. Email with your maximum bid on a particular artist(s). We will announce this as the minimum bid for this participant and notify you via email if you’ve won.

2. Support Prequel directly with a PayPal donation by following:


facebook link to event:



Smoke weed and make a T with Travis Beardsley

TravB is an avid seamstress and weed connoisseur. Let them show you a glimpse into the high life and DIY world. Snacks will be provided.


Win an Installation Based Portrait of Yourself with Brittney Connelly

Brittney Connelly is a photographer and installation artist. She will generate an installation based off the participant and the objects that surround them. This would result in a 24×30 print that the individual could take away (a self portrait of sorts if you will).





Critical Thinking Date with Roz Crews

Together we will become better critical thinkers through a series of experiential activities in this one on one workshop.




Let Dakota Gearhart be Your Personal Gallery Guide in Seattle with Dakota Gearhart

Visit Seattle! Hang with DG and see museums and galleries then eat; The Frye, The Henry, The Jake, Interstitial, SOIL, Punch, James Harris, New Foundation, and more.





Beautifully Remember Sad Things with Genevieve Goffman

Will teach you how to turn your sad memories in to book. Pain and loss. We will find things that make us sad and record them in detail. (or just hang out with you in bar in slutty outfit for two hours jk i wont do that).






Forest Lessons with Kello Goeller

Wander through the secret parts of Forest Park, learning macro photography as meditation, and expressive movement as a key to your inner wolf-spirit.





Kimchi Catharsis with Lara Kim

Share an evening with Lara learning to prepare your own kimchi to keep you warm in the coming winter months. We can chat about the intersections of art and identity over the scent of fermenting vegetables. Ingredients provided, your kitchen or mine (Eugene, OR).






Plein Air Cake Decorating with Erin Mallea

Memorialize a personally meaningful place, depict the view you wish you had, or practice pointilisim in the park with frosting and cake. While “painting” we can chat about where we grew up, home and away places, environmentalism, land use, the tourist gaze, landscape as a still life, or anything you want or nothing at all. A cake of your choice will be provided. Upon frosting completion, we will enjoy and share it with those nearby (neighbors, park-goers, etc).





An original color photograph + a mystery GIF animation by John Whitten

For the introvert in all of you, hang out alone with a one-of-a-kind GIF animated riddle and an original color photograph by John Whitten, a visual artist specializing in drawing, photography, and video.





Destroy Art with Emily Wobb

It’s fun to break stuff, especially art. Let’s make art and run over it with a car, throw it off a building, or blow it up in a microwave [ or lets be real, all of these things]





Cathartic Scream Painting or something to that effect with Lucy Lee Yim

Lucy is a performer and installation artist. Based off of Kim Beom’s Yellow Scream, Lucy and participant will infuse the paint with cathartic emotion and make something(s) or nothing. Maybe dancing will ensue? Maybe tea and youtube channel flipping? Its a date! We will play it by ear.