Brittney Connelly

Artist's Studio #2, 2014, Digital Inkjet Print, 40"x60"

Artist’s Studio #2, 2014, Digital Inkjet Print, 40″x60″

Brittney Connelly is a sculptor, photographer and performance artist living in Portland, Or. She received an M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a B.F.A from the University of Houston. Her work is influenced by poets and writers of the 1920s, writings about early conceptual art, the language of painting, and critical theory revolving around the photographic medium. Her performance and sculptural practice is often realized through the photograph. Within her work a digital reproduction of a Magritte exists among scraps, discarded studio materials and failed artworks. Elements like masking tape, thread and false walls weave into the image with intent to reference the act of painting. Her work conflates different art and cultural signifiers to better understand the contemporary state of the image. Her installations wrestle with the absolutes, the moment a work is declared an art, the meaning of a well discussed painting and the photograph that is dissected as true document. Her work has screened at museums, galleries and film festivals, such as COCA, The Blaffer Museum, FOTOFEST, Houston Center for Photography and The Cranbrook Art Museum.