• Minimum 1 year removed (as of Nov. 1st, 2018) from most recent full-time education (high school, undergraduate, graduate).
  • 18 or older.
  • Available for at least 90 percent of Monday night group meetings (7-9pm).
  • Flexibility to meet at various locations around Portland. (We cannot provide financial assistance to help with transportation but will work with you in advance to help coordinate).
  • Currently making new work.
  • Eagerness to engage in critical dialog around your work and that of your peers.

DEADLINE: December 17, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST

A complete application includes:


The submission form does not allow for saving. We recommend finalizing your responses in another document and copying and pasting.

2. CV

Please limit to 2 pages. Save with last name followed by first name initial. Example: lillardd.pdf


Each applicant may submit up to 5 work samples either as jpgs, video links or text samples or any combination. For example, you may submit 2 videos, 2 images and 1 text or 4 videos and 1 image, 5 videos and no images, etc.


  1. All images must be saved as jpgs and sized so that the longest side is no longer than 2000 pixels.
  2. Save each jpg with your last name, first initial, and corresponding number (01-05). Example: lillardd01.jpg


  1. Videos are submitted via links and must be accompanied by a still image (saved as a jpg and labeled the same as the above example).
  2. Combined videos should not exceed 12 minutes. We review video and/or audio documentation ONLY for artists whose work is time-based, interactive, web-based, kinetic, film, video, sound, and performance. If you work with installation, site-specific, painting, sculpture and/or drawing, please submit images.


  1. Texts are submitted as pdf files. Maximum 2 pages per sample. Please note if it is an excerpt from a longer work.

4. PAYMENT (you may pay before or up to 1 hr. after submitting your application)

The $15.00 submission fee goes a long way in keeping our program free for participants by helping to compensate for artists and art workers who donate their time and labor to Prequel. Thank you for your contribution! If this cost is prohibitive to you at this time, please email with “waive” in the subject line to waive the fee.

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