Lou Watson

Proposed Score for a Piece of Paper No.1


Lou Watson received her BFA in Intermedia Studies at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Watson’s work involves looking closely at the everyday and transposing it through music, movement, get-togethers and game playing. Her 8-movement experimental concert Suite Sandy Boulevard, which featured orchestrated leaf-blowers and Bureau of Transport statistics, premiered at The Hollywood Theatre, Portland in 2015, and earned her the Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award from the 2015 Seattle Art Museum, Betty Bowen Committee.  Watson’s scored films have been shown in several countries and “commute” was awarded the “John Cage Prize for Synesthesia” at the 41st NW Filmmakers Festival. She recently performed her work 47° 39′ 23″ N, 122° 18′ 44″ W for Piano at The Henry Gallery, Seattle as part of the Six Weeks, in Time exhibition and completed a commission for Tacoma Art Museum, to score the traffic on a stretch of the I-705 that runs alongside the museum.