Marcelo Fontana





The central subject of my research is the interaction, understanding and relationship between people and images. It ranges from trying to interpret how the massive production of images affects and influences our world, to working with archive pictures and exploring concepts of aura and soul.Time and location are what move my work, specifically how time affects a certain place and how it’s recorded and documented. My goal is to provide a new function for images and objects that are immersed in a “waiting state”. My work is constructed either by the accumulation or absence. By overlapping photographs, pictures of blanket slides, images bought at flea markets and old photograph machines I create spaces where the viewer is invited to reflect about what photography has to say. The intention is to create a bridge between the past and the present in a nonlinear way, creating not just parallels between different times but also between the latency of the images; analog and digital, fast and slow changes
and the old and new.